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Association Subscribers Manager's first run wizard documentation

I - Introduction
This document describes the Association Subscribers Manager's first run wizard.
It will go through all the screens of the wizard from the first to the last.
See also for more information.

II - Version
This document's version is 1.0 and describes version 3.0 of Association Subscribers Manager.

III - Screen 1: Language

The first screen shows some informations about the wizard and allow you to select the wizard language (the language for the rest of the software will be choose later).
Clicking on the drop list will make a list of languages appears. Select the one you prefer.

Once the language is choosen, click on the "Next" button.

IV - Screen 2: Data settings

This part is a really important one, you have to select the "data directory". This directory is part of Association Subscribers Manager's install. The default data directory (the one copied on your hard drive at install time) should be selected by the wizard. This setting should be fine for you on Windows and Mac OS. On GNU/Linux based system, it should be fine if you installed Association Subscribers Manager from the Bitrock installer. In the other hand, if you installed it from your distribution package manager, it is unlikely for you to have writting permission in the data directory. In this case, or in the case you want to have a separate data directory from the installed one, you have to check the "copy directory to another place" box. Then, select the place where you want to copy the data directory (if the directory you selected is not empty a new "AssociationSubscribersManagerData" sub directory will be created).

Once you are done setting the data directory, click on the "Next" button.

V - Screen 3: Data settings (2)

On this screen you have nothing to do, it will only shows to you the result of the data directory checking. It will also shows the result of the directory copy if you choose to copy it.
In the case the data directory check fails, please be sure to select either the installed one or to copy it.

VI - Screen 4: General informations

On this screen you can set some commons informations :
  • your association name
  • your association's e-mail
  • the language of Association Subscribers Manager
  • The application language automatically set some values in the configuration like the currency and the country you are living in. It may be irrelevant and you should have a look at the configuration after the wizard run.
    Once you are ready, click on the "Next" button.

    VII - Screen 6: Internet settings

    This screen allows you to configure the main internet settings. First if you want that Association Subscribers Manager check for updates on start, check the box. Then, you have to set your SMTP server. A SMTP server is what you use everyday to send emails. This SMTP server's adress should have been given to you by your internet service provider (ISP). For example, if you are a client of the french ISP "Free", the adress of the SMTP server is (take care : there is no "http://" or "www." in front of the name).
    Once you have finish with those settings, click on the "Next" button.

    VIII - Screen 7: Final screen

    And here we are ! This is the last screen of the wizard. This one gives you some informations about what you should do next and where to find help if you need any.

    IX - Author
    Arnaud Dupuis (a [dot] dupuis [at] infinityperl [dot] org)