Dev Lab

Here you can find information about in-development features. Most of them will still be under heavy development and may never reach the release state.
You are very welcome to comment and give your opinion on those features on the development blog.

The source code of Association Subscribers Manager can be downloaded from the Subversion repository :
 svn co assuma

The complete API documentation is available here.

Introduction to custom fields

Another AssumaEffect demonstration with combined effects.

Demo of the new AssumaEffect class possibilities

Subversion activity

New feature list for 3.3 release (next one)

The next release of Association Subscribers Manager will see new features, here is a list of those new features to come :
  • binary plugin system (for native C++ addons vs. the scripted ones)
  • email html body support
  • add support for different storage methods (like databases)
  • support for packages (subscribers' database + federation file + whatever is needed like pictures, etc.)

New feature list for 3.4 release

  • Not yet defined.