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Association Subscribers Manager 3.0.1 is out !

posted Sep 5, 2009, 4:28 PM by Arnaud Dupuis
I am very pleased to announce the immediate availability of Association Subscribers Manager 3.0.1 !
This one is a major bugfixe version of the 3.0 branch of Association Subscribers Manager.
I want to particularly thanks all testers for their feedback and particularly two of them : Fabrice Eyraud for all his bug reports and his French translation of the documentation and the French association Forme et Santé (from La Couture Boussey) for the feedback on live usage they did.

You can download packages and installer at :

You can report bugs and ask for new features at:

Here is a list of the main changes :
Association Subscribers Manager version 3.0.1
 - integration of the patches from Sascha Manns and David Haller from OpenSUSE packaging team
 - fix a bug in the re-translation of the UI's tooltips
 - fix a bug in the passive message system (messages still visible after being hidden if the window is made biggest)
 - fix a bug in the federation editor (see bug 2848046 on the tracker)
 - fix a bug in the search feature
 - fix a bug in the mail sending system
 - add French documentation translated by Fabrice Eyraud
 - made packagers life easier by adding an install target to the Makefile and possibility to configure the install destination (see README file).

Association Subscribers Manager is available as a source package (GNU/Linux, Mac OS X, BSD*, Windows, require a compiler), binary package for Linux and windows installer.

Enjoy !

Arnaud Dupuis