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Association Subscribers Manager 3.0 is out !

posted Jul 26, 2009, 11:05 PM by Arnaud Dupuis
I am very pleased to announce the immediate availability of Association Subscribers Manager 3.0 !
This one is the first stable version of the 3.0 branch of Association Subscribers Manager.
I want to particularly thanks all testers for their feedback and particularly two of them : Lucie Moore-Dupuis, my wife who was a great help with user interface tests and who successfully bears with my Open Source obsession ! The second one is Patrick Dupuis, my father who is the one who came with the original idea of Association Subscribers Manager (it was originally developed because his own association was in need of a software like this... it helps a lot when your son is actually a developer) and gave some very useful advices about the version 3.0.

You can download packages and installer at :

You can report bugs and ask for new features at:

Here is a list of the main changes :
Association Subscribers Manager version 3.0

Branch main changes from 2.1.2 are :
 - software completely recoded from Perl/Qt3 to C++/Qt4
 - more efficient database file format
 - huge performance improvement
 - brand new UI
 - more powerfull addon system
 - internationalization support

Releases main changes are :
* Translations:
Association Subscribers Manager now supports the following languages :
  - Romanian (Lucian Lupescu -
  - Swedish (Daniel Persson)
  - Brazilian Portuguese (Diego Ferreira)
  - French (Arnaud Dupuis)
  - English (Arnaud Dupuis)

* Software changes (from 3.0rc1):
  - fix many bugs (please see the bugtracker at Sourceforge for a complete list of corrected bugs)
  - many UI fixes
  - new federations files
  - new first run wizard
  - fix many real time data reload bugs
  - new system for in-place edition
  - performance improvement
  - federations and license systems now works properly (with new and old database format, new format have been changed a little)
  - brand new UI graphical effects
  - new user documentation
  - complete API documentation
  - in-place edition system have been polished

Association Subscribers Manager is available as a source package (GNU/Linux, Mac OS X, BSD*, Windows, require a compiler), binary package for Linux and windows installer.

Enjoy !

Arnaud Dupuis