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Association Subscribers Manager 3.1-BETA1 is out !

posted Jan 24, 2010, 11:59 PM by Arnaud Dupuis

The first beta version of Association Subscribers Manager version 3.1 have just been released ! Has usual, you can find files and bug tracker/feature requests tracker at :

You can download packages and installer at :

You can report bugs and ask for new features at:

This version features many changes and the most important are:

  • add theme feature
  • add custom fields feature
  • add more compilation macros to help packagers
  • huge settings system code rewrite to make it simpler
  • GUI changes to reflect settings update
  • many bugfixes

I would like to use this release announcement to welcome and thanks Márcio Moraes for his work on the Brazilian Portuguese translation. He is the new official maintainer of this translation. Welcome aboard matey !

For the moment only the source packages is available, windows and GNU/Linux installers will comes later. As usual, this beta version's translation and documentation are not up-to-date, they will be in the stable release 2 weeks from now.

Enjoy !

Arnaud Dupuis & the Association Subscribers Manager team.