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New YouTube videos for Association Subscribers Manager

posted Jan 31, 2010, 11:30 PM by Arnaud Dupuis
If you follows Association Subscribers Manager's news on Twitter you already knows it but if you don't, their are new videos about Association Subscribers Manager on Youtube :
  • the first is a video presenting a new feature in Association Subscribers Manager v3.1: custom fields. It is available here
  • the second one is a video that presents many misc features in the 3.x branch of Association Subscribers Manager. Those features that are pretty cool and useful and that you may not know about. The video is available here:
Enjoy those videos ! On another point, we are still 7 days from the 3.1 release, yet almost all translations are up-to-date and very few bugs spotted during the beta release are still to correct. I think their will be no delay in this release !

Many thanks in particular to Márcio Moraes (Portuguese Brazilian translation) and Lucian Lupescu (Romanian translation) for the hard work they provided during this week end !

Arnaud Dupuis